Monoclean™ Type 9 - Wet mitten for cleansing and moisturizing the skin

Monoclean™ Type 9 - Manopola per la detersione e l’idratazione corporea totaleDisposable mitten for cleansing and moisturizing the patients. The mittens are soft and they are soaked of a liquid made for cleansing and moisturizing the patients.

There is no need to dry the patients after using it. The composition of the liquid moisturizes the skin giving it vigour and vitality; it keeps the skin elastic and fi rm allowing a pleasant freshness and comfort feeling. Specially indicated for elderly people with fragile epidermis and for diabetic patients.

Monoclean™Type 9:

- It allows a non-traumatic hygiene treatment of the patients by moisturizing the epidermis
- It allows a delicate cleansing; it avoids skin damages caused by compression and close contact
- The active substances of the soaked liquid have been especially made for fragile skin of elderly people, for the hygiene of feet and legs of diabetic patients
- Totally disposable, it dramatically reduces the contamination risk from a body part to another in the same patients and from patients to caregivers
- It is pleasant to the touch, soft and easy to use
- Water does not have to be used, and rinsing and drying is not necessary, it permits a great laundry expense saving
- It can be heated, in order to avoid and reduce the possible thermal decay with the traditional washing with water. Place the opened sachet in the microwave oven (600W) for 15 seconds
- It can be also placed in fridge some minutes in order to refresh the body and obtain an antipyretic effect
- Thanks to the possibility to use both sides of the mitten, it reduces the costs compared with the traditional soaked cloth
- It reduces the caring time needed for each patient and also the dangers due to cross contamination
- It does not contain irritating substances like latex, urea, alcohol, polyethylene.
- It improves patient’s standard of living
- Store in dry place at room temperature. The sachet has to be carefully resealed if not completely fi nished
- Dispose as of a normal waste
- It contains 4 mittens, the sachet is made of laminate, and the label can be sealed again
- Cartons of 48 sachets

Wear the mitten on the dominant hand, cleanse the chosen body area of the patients, turn the mitten 180°, and using the other side of the mitten, cleanse another body area. There is no need to rinse or dry. The composition of the soaked liquid moisturizes the skin giving it vigour and vitality, it keeps the skin elastic and fi rm allowing a pleasant freshness and comfort feeling. It neutralizes bad odours. After use dispose of as a normal waste.

It conforms to European directives.

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