Monoclean™ Type 1 - A mitten equipped with soft soaped sponge

MONOCLEAN™ TYPE 1Monoclean® Type 1 is a mitten equipped with soft soaped sponge, created for the daily hygiene of the patient.

It guarantees a practical and perfect daily hygiene of the patient and compared with traditional techniques reduces costs and time required, at the same time it makes easier and rationalizes the caregiver work.

The use of the mitten in the various hospital departments has pointed out a reduction, in the hospital wards, in the accountancy departments and in the stock management, of direct and indirect costs.

Thanks to its special detergent with isocutaneous pH, it totally eliminates any risk of allergic reactions in patients. The mitten is totally waterproof and the elastic at wrist helps protecting the caregiver.

Just moisten the sponge with a few drops of water and wash the interested part of the body. In order to dry the patient, just turn around the mitten 180° (without slipping it off) and it is ready to dry.

Monoclean® Type 1 must be kept in a dry place at room temperature, after usage discharge as normal waste.

The product conforms to the European Directives.

PACK: plastic bag of 50 mittens. Carton box containing 6 plastic bags, equal to 300 mittens.

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