Monoclean™ - L'igiene a portata di mano

On September 2006 the brand MONOCLEAN has been internationally registered. Under this brand there are fifteen different products especially designed and manufactured for the care of patients in hospitals, nursing or residential homes.

All products meet the requirements envisaged and have all authorisations required by the Ministry of Health in the present legislation.

MONOCLEAN products have been studied in order to make nursing more rational, so that it is possible to reduce direct and indirect hospital costs, and more exactly costs due to patient’s care (operational time is reduced), administration costs, and storage costs.

Finally, one should not overlook the better treatment received by the patient, the elimination of cross-infections and the improvement of patients’ skin conditions thanks to the ingredients of some specific products.

During 2009 a new patented glove has been launched, and it will be a further rationalization in patients’ care and a further reduction of managing costs.
MONOCLEAN brand is made of the following products:

- Monoclean Type 1
- Monoclean Type 1A
- Monoclean Type 2A
- Monoclean Type 2B
- Monoclean Type 3
- Monoclean Type 9
- Monoclean Type 10
- Monoclean Type 16
- Monoclean Type 17
- Monoclean Type 18
- Monoclean Type 19B
- Monoclean Type 20

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